World of Material Handling – A step closer to the future

Experts agree. Our future is digital. This is equally valid for our private and working lives. In the Industry 4.0 concept, everything is connected to everything else – at least in virtual terms. People, machines and products communicate with each other. Autonomous systems handle pre-defined tasks without the intervention of human beings. How will this development change the face of intralogistics? What benefits and risks are involved?


At present, this reshaped and fully connected industry model remains a vision. Nevertheless, a small step is all it needs to takes us from theory to reality. Although it is only 25 years since information scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, today, billions of people are online. As a consequence of increasing connectivity, the future will also see exponential growth of digital solutions in the industrial segment. The fourth industrial revolution, better known as Industry 4.0, has already begun.

The objectives of this degree of connectivity in the industrial segment are clearly defined. Processes in companies should be made more efficient, more effective and more flexible. Today, customers already expect that their special wishes are fulfilled with ever-increasing speed. This demands fundamental changes in production and logistics chains. In the smart factories of the future, machines, components and transport systems will communicate with one another. Classic intralogistics will and must evolve to a new level – smart intralogistics.

In the context of the World of Material Handling 2016, Linde’s aim was to bridge the divide between today’s existing technologies and future developments – and it was a great success. The event provided the visitors a unique forum: Experts and customers could experience new, innovative solutions all about Linde forklift trucks, experience them in hands-on tests and take part at individual guided tours. Concrete specific problems could be discussed.

The WoMH gave a look into the future of intralogistics. Referred to the four main topics – connectivity, energy systems, individualization and automation – especially the last one got a lot of attention from the visitors. This means, Linde remains on the customer requirements in terms of industry 4.0: For a future with automated and connected vehicles.

Experience, how the future of intralogistics can look like: Linde Material Handling has visualized its vision of this future. Commodity flows will be managed digitally, forklift trucks will work automated and connected. Trucks will be able to adapt to different operational conditions and will communicate with each another. By using intelligent energy networks Linde enables efficient logistics. Customers, manufacturers and contractors will work together seamlessly in a digital network.

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Industry 4.0 – the logistics of the future

The Themes of the World of Material Handling


Technologies must be fast, flexible and fully integratable. They must enable autonomous communication and exchange of data between machines and IT-systems to create holistic workflows.

Power Systems

Lithium-ion technology and fuel-cell systems from Linde are sustainable alternatives to conventionally fuelled vehicle motorisation concepts and simultaneously increase productivity.


Even today, increasing expectations on the part of customers demand shorter and shorter product cycles and more individualised products. This is made possible by state-of-the-art solutions at vehicle level and beyond.


Keeping material flows in motion by automation promises greater efficiency in both logistics and production – however, fully integrated, end-to-end systems are not always a viable option. An alternative here is offered by flexible technologies like those from Linde Robotics.

The World of Material Handling 2016 – a retrospective

visitors attended the World of Material Handling in 2016

days of workshops and live presentations at Fredenhagenhalle location

different nationalities came together about the logistics of the future

square meters of the Linde acitivity world "Linked Perspectives" could be expored

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The partners of the World of Material Handling

About Linde Material Handling GmbH

Linde Material Handling GmbH, a company of the KION GROUP, ranks among the world’s foremost makers of forklift and warehouse trucks. With its brands Linde and Fenwick (France), the company is the market leader in Europe. In addition to its broad product portfolio, Linde offers efficient intralogistics solutions including fleet management, automation and driver assistance systems, and provides a comprehensive range of vehicle-related services. With production and assembly plants around the globe and a sales network with offices in over 100 countries, the company is represented in all important regions worldwide. In the fiscal year 2015, Linde Material Handling generated sales of over EUR 3.4 billion and employed approximately 14,500 people worldwide.

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