Why do visitors come to the World of Material Handling? To find out more about the latest trends and products, to take a closer look at Linde’s vehicles and services and, of course, to spend time talking with the company’s experts.

Why, then, shouldn’t business contracts also be signed, as they are at a trade fair? That, too, is one of the things that happen at WoMH. I was fortunate enough to be able to speak with a customer immediately after a deal was closed, namely with Pierre-Georges Chausson of France-based Chausson Matériaux. He will be leaving WoMH having signed a contract for 150 E30 forklift trucks.

WOMH 2016 - Customers

Pierre-Georges Chausson, president and managing director of Chausson Matériaux, and Christophe Lautray, managing director of Linde Material Handling.


Mr Chausson, how has your visit been to the World of Material Handling so far?
Let me start by saying that it’s an outstanding exhibition. Above all, I’ve seen interesting, forward-looking technological innovations. They’re interesting because they’ll result in new projects for us.

Could you tell us a bit about your company?
About Chausson Matériaux? We’re a family-owned company and we deal in building materials. That means we sell supplies to the building industry. We have 350 locations, of which 320 are sales offices and about 30 are production sites.

What were the main factors that led you to purchase vehicles from Linde Material Handling?
What were the criteria underlying my decision? Why Fenwick [the brand name Linde products are sold under in France]? First, Fenwick have excellent products. We’re located in a rural area of France and they have an outstanding maintenance network. And we’ve been dealing with each other for a long time, so there’s a lot of trust, which is important in a business relationship.

Mr Chausson , thank you.


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