Blog: All about Connectivity

The mother of all systems: localisation

The mother of all systems? We’re talking about localisation, a subject you cannot ignore if you have long-term plans to implement a fully networked intralogistics system down to the very last wheel nut. Localisation technology enables you to locate goods, containers...

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Modern technology for vehicle checks

The term “connectivity” describes a coming era in which industrial trucks, employees and warehousing systems will all interact with each other using electronic solutions. This digital-age trend is becoming more evident in the area of intraglogistics as well. But what...

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Dynamic Mast Control: Don’t swing!

A number of the visitors who have made their way to WoMH are forklift operators. I always enjoy speaking with them since I learn more about how they do their jobs “on the ground”. There’s one aspect that gets mentioned again and again: operators who work with reach...

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Four megatrends in intralogistics

World of Material Handling 2016 got off to a successful start and is now offering an expected 6,000 visitors from all over the world an abundance of information about the latest challenges in intralogistics. Linde Material Handling has recognised four major...

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