Blog: All about Individualisation

Roadster – the forklift with excellent visibility

The new Roadster is definitely one of the highlights of World of Material Handling 2016. The truck was first presented as a prototype in 2014, but now the Roadster is available and can be tested by customers. What can we say about the Roadster? A great deal! The idea...

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Trucks with wings

During a presentation, a Linde Material Handling employee put his hand on the door and announced: “This is our Lamborghini door.” Then he pushed the handle and the door swung upwards to open. This apparently unremarkable feature is called a safety door. It involves an...

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The smart safety belt

You put your safety belt on to get precisely that: safety. There’s really not much more to say about it. In the course of practical operations, however, things can sometimes be a little different. It has been known for Max, for example, to go zooming around a corner...

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Four megatrends in intralogistics

World of Material Handling 2016 got off to a successful start and is now offering an expected 6,000 visitors from all over the world an abundance of information about the latest challenges in intralogistics. Linde Material Handling has recognised four major...

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An abundance of possibilities

With roughly 85 different models of industrial truck and 6,000 equipment options, Linde Material Handling’s standard range already offers an abundance of solutions to meet every customer’s conceivable needs. In the section on Individualisation, experts introduce the...

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