This morning, after the long Whitsun holiday weekend, Linde employees greeted me with smiling faces. Why were they so pleased on a postponed Monday morning? Of course, World of Material Handling 2016 is entering its second week, and lots of visitors are again expected. It’s certainly a fascinating event for all the employees too, not only for the visitors. The main reason why people here are all smiles, however, is an unexpected big order. How did it happen?

During the first week of the event a major customer was so bowled over by the new truck models that he ordered a large number of new vehicles on the spot, sealing the deal with a handshake! Naturally, the news soon spread. Orders like these not only give the team satisfaction; they also confirm they have the right product strategy. What is more, in my view, they are encouraged even more to make it a great World of Material Handling for their guests. And as far as I can judge, the first week of WOHM 2016 was a great success.

I also have to admit that I have now become closer to the people at Linde, although I had never had personal contact with the company before. I find it really wonderful to see the efforts a company and its employees are taking to give their best to the many visitors here in Offenbach and beyond.