Rennkart mit Linde Elektroantrieb

Case study from the race sport

Intralogistics technology for the race track

It’s a rather unusual form of technology transfer: Italian racing and rental kart manufacturer CRG produces the frames, chassis and bodies for the electric E-DRENALINE karts, while Linde’s Electronic Systems & Drives (ES&D) division supplies the drive system that originally comes from the production line for Linde forklift trucks. The vehicles are also fitted with the components of the Linde connect: fleet management system for karting track operation. This means that the karts can be activated with an RFID chip, for example, and transmit data wirelessly.

While the drive technology guarantees karting pleasure, connect: delivers safety and optimally maintained and utilized karts. The software allows the karting track operator to allocate each driver his or her personal vehicle and adapt parameters like maximum speed and acceleration to the experience of the driver who starts the vehicle for a race with his or her own personal RFID chip.

The system collects all relevant data from the vehicle control unit – for example, hours of operation and battery charge status – and transmits it wirelessly for the track operator. A shock sensor makes it possible to determine exactly when a vehicle receives a powerful knock so that it can be inspected and maintained in good time. Above a certain threshold the speed of the kart is also automatically reduced so that the vehicle can be driven safely back to the pit lane without further damage.

This guarantees both safe operation with vehicles in optimum condition and high levels of fleet availability. The combination of the Linde connect: system and efficient e-karts enables CRG to offer customers a comprehensive package that saves operators a lot of work and offers drivers as much safety as necessary without reducing their driving pleasure.

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Linde eMotion

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Driving pleasure at the WoMH

Visitors can test drive CRG karts with the Linde electric drive system on the racing track at World of Material Handling.

Ideally equipped for the race

Weight distribution

The rear axle is driven by two asynchronous motors with electronic differential and belt transmission. The inverter and power electronics are located behind the driver’s seat. The two lithium-ion batteries are fitted under the side panels on the right and left.

Rennkart mit Linde Steuerung
Kart mit Linde Batterien

Multifunctional steering wheel & boost button

The multifunctional steering wheel gives the driver control of all functions – including switching on and off, positioning the pedals and selecting direction. The integrated display shows information such as speed, level of charge, lap time and fastest time. The boost button enables the driver to increase performance by up to 200% for a few seconds, for example, for overtaking manoeuvres or a final spurt to the finishing line.

Electrically adjustable pedals

While conventional rental karts only allow the seat to be adjusted to the size of the driver, CRG E-DRENALINE karts also offer electrically controlled steplessly adjustable pedals.

Rennkart mit Linde Gaspedal
Rennkart mit Linde connect:

Optimum maintenance & safety

Linde connect: ensures that drivers can only drive the karts that have been specifically set up for them to use. Depending on the seriousness of an impact, the kart will automatically reduce its speed so that the driver can safely drive back to the pit lane.

The video reports from Kartbahn Zürich-Rümlang, a Swiss karting track already equipped with E-DRENALINE karts.
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