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Market overview

Italy is generally associated with good food, holidays, sunny beaches and la dolce vita. But it has other sides too: domestic political disputes, a still ongoing economic crisis, the refugee question and a large north-south divide sent the country into recession. Following the fall in economic output, Italy’s economy grew again for the first time by roughly 1 % in 2015. Real growth of roughly 12 % is anticipated by 2025. Among others, the most important industries in Italy include services, manufacturing industry and construction as well as agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

Economic indicators

  • In December 2015 the unemployment rate was 11.9 %, combined with a simultaneous low level of employment of 56.5 % (August 2015).
  • The annual budget deficit has fallen from 3.5 % (2010) to 2.6 % (2015). The reasons for this are a series of fiscal consolidation measures.
  • Italy’s debt ratio was 132.1 % in 2014; it is expected to have risen to 132.8 % in 2015.

(Source: German Foreign Ministry)

Italy is Europe’s fourth largest market for industrial trucks and also an important sales market for Linde Material Handling: a total of 36,185 industrial trucks were sold in Italy during 2015. Over 90 % of all the units sold in Italy are already electrically powered.

Focus on tailor-made solutions

As established player on the Italian market, Linde Italy has relied on sound market knowledge and profited from close and trust-based customer relations since 1962. The company is known for providing tailor-made solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. Linde Material Handling has benefited from two fundamental strengths here: the company does not only offer the most extensive product range on the market; it simultaneously provides almost unlimited opportunities for customisation.

Wachstum BIP (real) IT 2005-2015

The country’s ongoing difficult economic situation has not failed to leave its mark on Linde’s customers in Italy. That is why the company has increasingly relied on professionally refurbished Linde trucks that represent an attractively priced alternative to the purchase of new vehicles. Since demand in this segment has continued to rise, a refurbishment centre was set up in Buguggiate (Varese) at the end of 2015. It offers the appropriate product for every budget. Furthermore, its customers receive access to the proven quality, the network and the service of Linde Material Handling. Above all, this opportunity is taken up by companies that have little investment capital or would like to optimise their costs with a mix of new and used vehicles.

Table expected economy growth Italy 2015-2025

Two customer examples

inde Italy fulfilled a specific customer request for Spumador S.p.A, a beverage company part of the Dutch Refresco Group, for example. Spumador uses CNG Linde vehicles for loading and unloading operations. Together with a local partner, the Linde subsidiary developed a CNG fuelling station tailored to meet the fuel demand of the 18 CNG trucks. By thus optimizing refuelling operations, energy costs were reduced, the availability of trucks improved and the specific customer requirements met. However, Linde Italy also offers smaller firms customized solutions for their respective applications: Bacilieri Vito Orianno Snc, the Italian manufacturer of electric and  photovoltaic systems, for example, needed electric and warehouse vehicles that would be relatively little used, but were nevertheless expected to meet the company’s high technological and quality standards. After receiving detailed advice from Linde Italy, Bacilieri decided in favour of two used trucks from the refurbishment centre in Varese and, as a result, received high-quality vehicles at a relatively low price.

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