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Individualised solutions for all logistics and production systems

Smaller batches, more specific ranges of goods – today’s modern production and logistics systems must be individually tailored to meet these highly specific needs. This applies in particular, and in many respects, to the material handling equipment and vehicles required. To meet these special needs, Linde Material Handling offers the most extensive product portfolio on the market and, simultaneously, an almost infinite range of individualisation options.


In many industry segments, enormous volumes of mass produced products have long since become a thing of the past and have now been replaced by a multitude of individualised items – a trend that increases the complexity of every logistics solution and simultaneously accelerates the onset of Industry 4.0. In particular, IT-connectivity in industrial manufacturing scenarios opens up new potentials for more flexible responses to fast product changes and lower production volumes.

Precise configuration of old and new products

In view of this situation, Linde offers its customers precisely tailored solutions for all logistics needs – 85 standard lines with a total of 6,000 standard equipment options are only the starting point. On request, our customers’ new and existing vehicles and fleets can be adapted to meet the specific needs of new applications and ideally configured to fulfil new tasks. More than forty percent of all Linde trucks are already delivered with so called Customized Options – trucks that have been adapted and rebuild according to the specific requirements of the customer. Efficiency, safety, comfort and ease of handling are always the key priorities in all our material handling vehicles. When talking about retrofit kits and accessories the spectrum  ranges from a Speed Assist function and workplace floodlights to a connectivity solution for monitoring operating hours and the installation of a terminal holder in the driver’s compartment. At the end of the day, the site has a vehicle fleet at its disposal that guarantees more efficient and cost-effective processes in every respect.

Tailor made trucks off the rack

With Linde Material Handling customers have the choice – from more than 80 different product ranges and more than 6,000 equipment and configuration variants within the standard list. Even in series production hardly any truck of a range looks like the other. This is because each setting imposes different requirements to the deployment of the vehicles. In order to provide the customer with the truck fitting his individual needs, there are seventeen different basic vehicles with several chassis and mast variants as well as with different battery sizes.

Barcelona Cartonboard: “Our logistics processes revolve around recycling”

The standard medication boxes available on the market often have quite a story behind them. For example, they may have once been a drinks carton and therefore more or less come straight from your rubbish bin. Transforming them into something valuable and appealing, doesn’t take much at all: a separating facility, a paper machine – and a dozen high-performance forklift trucks.

Read more about the requirements and use of trucks at Barcelona Cartonboard.

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Customizing of reach trucks from Linde Material Handling

Versatility at Linde Material Handling: Each warehouse makes different demands on reach trucks. That is why Linde Material Handling offers custom equipment features. These can be combined to guarantee the maximum benefit. There are over 17 different basic forklift trucks with various body and mast options and different battery sizes.

Solutions for all customer requirements

Despite the numerous lines and thousands of standard equipment options, changing production and logistics demands can mean that it is not immediately possible to realise concrete customer demands. Nevertheless, such demands frequently justify the construction of special, customer-specific solutions realised by Linde as one of a range of Customized Options.

It often happens that innovations made in the course of the development of customer-specific solutions are later utilised to a greater or lesser extent in serial production and thus make the benefits of custom solutions available to other customers. Corresponding Customized Options structures are in place at all production and development facilities.

The Customized Options specialists work closely with customers on the analysis of precise needs, prepare cost estimates and accompany the entire process from specifications, manufacturing and documentation to delivery and maintenance services for each Customized Options vehicle. This process ensures that customers receive mature, innovative solutions for safer, more efficient and precisely needs-oriented logistics processes. These include, for instance, special cabin modifications or adaptations for operations under particular climatic or environmental conditions.

Laithwaite’s Wine: Increase in productivity by up to six pallets per hour

With 400 employees, the England based mail order company Laithwaite’s Wine handles around 45,000 wine boxes. In the Christmas trade it can be easily two or three times this number. With a custom-made fleet of 38 trucks, Linde makes sure that everything works smoothly. For Laithwaite’s not only the tailor-made features of the trucks are important, but also the quick service provided by Linde.

Read more about Linde’s custom-tailored fleet solution for the mail order company Laithwaite’s Wine.

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Linde truck at Laithwaite's Wine

Retrofitting solutions for changing working environments

To ensure efficient operations, it is essential that all vehicles fulfil the requirements of their respective working environments. However, the demands on a vehicle may change frequently in the course of its operational lifecycle – for example as a result of new processes or changes to warehousing or storage systems. At the same time, safety, comfort, ease of handling and efficiency demands continue to grow.

Companies must increasingly respond with greater flexibility to factors such as rapid product changes, lower batch volumes and different operating conditions and procedures. The retrofitting solutions from Linde offer customers the opportunity to adapt existing vehicles or entire fleets to respond to changing situations. These include needs-oriented equipment packages and custom functions. The wide range of retrofitting solutions allows the optimisation of vehicles of any vintage to meet current operational requirements. The key factors in this are the particular demands of fleet managers, operators or drivers. The retrofitting solutions from Linde offer a broad spectrum of applications-oriented accessories and equipment for the improvement of safety, comfort, ease of handling and efficiency.

Linde Speed Assist

The Highlight at the WoMH

Linde Speed Assist is a driver assistance system that increases safety in warehouses, on factory floors or anywhere else where speeds restriction to meet the requirements of a location can help to prevent accidents. Its state-of-the-art radar sensing technology can be quickly and easily adapted to meet the needs of customers and specific working environments.

Read more about the Linde Speed Assist and see how it is used by our customers.

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More retrofitting solutions from Linde

Linde BlueSpot™

The bright spot projected in the direction of travel of the vehicle by the Linde BlueSpot™ driving path warning system silently increases safety in and around the areas and aisles in which vehicles operate.

Linde OrangeBelt™

The Linde OrangeBelt™ belt lock monitoring system prevents drivers setting vehicles in motion when their lap belt is unfastened. The monitoring system even registers when operators fasten their lap belt beforehand and then sit on the belt. Even at long distances, the high-visibility, brilliant orange of the belt enables immediate recognition of whether a driver is correctly and safely strapped in.

Mobile Phone Holder

The Mobile Phone Holder provides support for operational procedures and increases workplace safety. It is suitable for use with all brands and other devices used in logistics processes.

Terminal Holder and Clipboard

The height-adjustable Terminal Holder is absolutely rigid and is designed for use on forklifts. The power supply provides an extended shut-off time for continued operation when the motor has been automatically switched off.

Linde Rental Solutions to cover for peaks in order processing

Sudden deadlines, unexpected workloads or short notice order peaks: the need for additional capacities can often come by surprise. Linde Rentals Solutions ensures that you won’t miss such profitable opportunities. The spectrum covers everything from compact warehouse equipment to top of the range heavyweight stackers.

Whatever the requirements, vehicles from Linde Rentals Solutions offer the latest technologies, exceptional reliability and unrivalled safety standards. The extensive Linde Rentals Solutions service network enables fast and convenient access to the largest range of vehicles the market can offer for the logistics segment. The range includes not only forklifts and warehouse equipment, but also specialised vehicles, mobile lifting platforms and accessories. Linde has direct access to a network of 45,000 vehicles across Europe. This ensures that customers get the right vehicle at the right time to increase productivity and ensure the smooth running of all operational procedures. The consultants from Linde Rental Solutions are highly trained professionals who understand both the technologies involved and the particular needs of each industry segment. Vehicles can be made available within 24 hours – for periods from a couple of hours to several months. Rental Solutions services also provide extreme flexibility throughout the rental term. Should the situation change during the rental term, an alternative vehicle can be made available at short notice whenever the need arises.

WoMH Daily Report: All about Individualisation

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Trucks with wings

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