Staplerfahrer mit Linde Speed Assist

More Security for forklift trucks with the Linde Speed Assist

Linde Speed Assist is a driver assistance system that increases safety in warehouses, on factory floors or anywhere else where speeds restriction to meet the requirements of a location can help to prevent accidents. Its state-of-the-art radar sensing technology can be quickly and easily adapted to meet the needs of customers and specific working environments.

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How the Linde Speed Assist works

Case Studies

More security at MEYER WERFT with individual solutions for speed regulation

Some 65 forklift trucks are used by the logistics team at shipbuilder MEYER WERFT. Occupational safety is always a top priority, even if drivers don’t always operate their vehicles at an appropriate speed when moving loads. The best way to prevent accidents was therefore to introduce an automated solution: Linde Speed Assist. The trucks now roll along at speeds of between 6 and maximum15 km/h. Individual requirements could a Linde engineer fulfil to the satisfaction of the company.

Triple security for the traffic of forklift trucks at Wavin

It’s safety first at Wavin, global market leader in plastic pipe systems and solutions for the residential, commercial and civil engineering sectors. Ansgar Bojer, Head of Logistics at the company’s Twist site, explains the Work SafeTM programme. In keeping with the motto “Think Safe, Act Safe”, Wavin increased the safety of their forklift operations – in three different ways: by requiring seatbelts to be worn and by using BlueSpot™ and Speed Assist. First the speed regulation was uncommon for the driver, but it quickly shows first signs of success: This year, there was not a single accident in the logistic warehouse at Wavin.

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