Not only are 6,000 visitors from numerous countries expected at World of Material Handling 2016, many Linde specialists are also present at the event. I took the opportunity to talk with Marc Wehner about WoMH and the intralogistics market in general from the perspective of Linde Material Handling.


Mr Wehner, what kind of feedback have you received from customers about WoMH?

Up until now the response has been overwhelmingly positive. That applies, on the one hand, to how we’ve designed World of Material Handling, namely to present our entire range of expertise. It also applies to how we’ve organised the German events, including everything from the plenum in the morning to the evening programme.

Do you see areas for improving the event?

We’re able to use this compact setting to give customers a look at everything we do, allowing them to enjoy the advantages such a gathering offers as opposed to a conventional trade fair. In addition, we can present much more than we could at a fair. To that extent, the quality of the contact is outstanding, both for the customers and for us.

Of the four areas presented at WoMH (Automation, Individualisation, Connectivity, Power Systems), have customers been asking for more information about one area in particular?

Naturally we are presenting many topics here that both focus on the future and represent a big step forward for our customers in terms of innovation. For me, however, it’s also important not to forget our traditional business. A large number of our customers will still be using conventional forklifts in ten years, and we want to provide outstanding service to them, too. That’s why it’s critical that in addition to new topics we also demonstrate things like our safety systems, which are playing a greater role in our existing vehicles. After all, we want to remain the supplier for all our customers. To that extent, I would not say that there has been only one highlight. Our customer base is much too broad for that.

Let’s say another World of Material Handling takes place. Why should customers who were unable to make it to this event take the opportunity to attend next time?

Because we will have moved forward in all the areas we’re presenting here. The things that are still technologies of tomorrow at this WoMH will be a lot closer to becoming reality by then. Customers and other visitors who can’t be here this time would undoubtedly leave the next WoMH with valuable insights.

Mr Wehner, thank you.