The heavens are favouring Linde Material Handling – visitors from Germany and abroad were greeted by brilliant sunshine at the opening of the World of Material Handling 2016. With omens like these, nothing can now go wrong!

WOMH 2016 - H160

A large number of visitors experienced the varied and colourful programme for the opening of the customer event. Up to 6,000 visitors from all over the world are expected to inform themselves about the latest products and services before the fair ends on 25 May. Unlike at a normal trade fair, visitors here have lots of time to talk to Linde experts and ask them questions about intralogistics to their hearts’ content. There are ample reasons for that because the world of logistics is changing faster and faster. Customers expect more flexible, more efficient and more sophisticated offerings.

WOMH 2016 - our guests

But that’s just the theory. In order to make this experience as lively and practical as possible Linde Material Handling has set up several areas for visitors focusing on different themes and topics such as automation, individualisation, connectivity and power systems. Powerpoint presentations have been kept to a minimum. The focus is firmly on practical applications, demonstrations in real time and expertise. Everybody has the opportunity to drive various industrial trucks and to see everything close up and personal. Everybody who wants to find out more about where things are heading and get a feeling for the future challenges in intralogistics will find answers at the World of Material Handling.

WOMH 2016 - Energy Area

That is something I can confirm personally. This event offers countless impressions. The pushing and shoving, stuffy halls and booming music that usually confront you at trade fairs are nowhere to be found here. I cannot imagine visitors going back home disappointed. At least the faces of today’s visitors looked very satisfied to me.

By the way, if you would like to find out how today’s racing professionals learned their trade, you can put your foot down on a kart track that was especially set up for the event. There you can see something rather special: karts equipped with electric motors. You already knew that? Well, that’s not all! The karts by CRG – the market leader in racing karts – are actually equipped with a drive system based on Linde Material Handling technology that the company specially adapted and made available to CRG (incidentally, the fleet management system is also from Linde). What is more, the first Linde e-kart achieved a record-breaking acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds! That takes some time to sink in. Who would have thought that the drive unit used in forklift trucks could make a kart accelerate as fast as a racing car?

CRG Kart

I would like to express a very cordial and personal hello. Until May 25 I will be writing objectively and in depth about the hot topics of the World of Material Handling in this Daily Report. I hope this will enable those of you who are unable to attend in person to experience the fascination of modern intralogistic solutions.

Here are a few more of the day’s impressions:

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Images.: Andreas Reiter / Robert Basic