Automation demonstration: dance of the machines

A real crowd puller at WOMH 2016 was the fully automated robot theatre in the Automation section where, among other things, the latest Linde Robotics product, the K-MATIC narrow-aisle truck, was demonstrated. I asked Clement Masson, one of the responsible experts, to explain the demonstration plant to me. Accompany us into the future – to the era of automated warehouse management and the world of driverless industrial trucks equipped with 3D cameras and steered by lasers.

The technology used in the Linde Matic range does not make tracks, reflectors and other guidance systems redundant. These vehicles can navigate through warehouse buildings autonomously with the aid of geoguidance. And they talk to one another, which can create a fascinating ballet. Instead of waiting, the trucks approach one another to hand over warehouse goods. In addition, the technology is flexible enough to enable phased automation, which makes possible the mixed operation of manual and automated processes.

It’s time to start the show: