Automation, Individualisation, Power Systems and Connectivity are the key topics being presented at World of Material Handling 2016. The Automation section includes an extremely interesting demonstration facility that shows visitors a fully automated solution in operation. Here you will find amazed visitors following the movements of a new K-MATIC high-rack forklift as it performs a high-precision ballet routine with a P-MATIC tractor and an L-MATIC AC counterbalanced high-lift truck. It’s a real spectacle, one you shouldn’t miss. Here is a very short time-lapse description:

The K-MATIC high-rack forklift takes a pallet out of a bay at the demonstration facility and carries it to the handover point. The L-MATIC high-lift truck has already received instructions and takes the pallet before putting it down on a roller conveyor. There the P-MATIC tractor is waiting for the pallet, which is then transported to another rack. In another circuit, you can also see how the P-MATIC drives the pallet directly to the waiting L-MATIC high-lift truck that then takes the goods. All this happens without any human intervention.

This demonstration enables us to understand how Linde Material Handling’s different approaches work hand in hand – a real case of linked perspectives. Networking technologies combine control systems, sensors, navigation systems and communication with inventory systems. Automation technology unites the two worlds of networking and product solutions.

However, the possibilities for this kind of interaction are not only limited to fully automated solutions. Linde is also facilitating mixed solutions with manually operated vehicles. All the models in the MATIC range are equipped with appropriate sensors not only to ensure precise handling of material flows, but also to preserve the safety of humans and products.

Fascinating is the right word for this demonstration plant!

WOMH 2016 - Automation Workshop

The other key topics are: IndividualisationConnectivity and Power Systems.