Under the motto “linked perspectives”, the World of Material Handling is focusing on the related key topics: Automation, Individualisation, Connectivity and Power Systems. Each of these four areas is examined in detail in the exhibition, in workshops and in product presentations. Here we outline in brief the individual topics you can expect to be covered.

The forward-looking Power Systems section focuses on questions relating to lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells. Visitors can learn more about the potential and advantages of these modern, sustainable propulsion technologies, which will experience a substantial increase in use over coming years. It is therefore all the more important to find out about them as early as possible.

In addition, information is provided about possible options for battery capacities and a comparative frame of reference is presented for lead-acid batteries. Charge management and charging times are discussed, as well as important safety aspects. Linde’s very high safety standards are clearly demonstrated in an impressive crash-test video. You can discover how the battery management system communicates with the vehicle and what special advantages this offers when charge levels are low.

Of course, before and after workshops visitors receive the opportunity to ask experts detailed questions to find out more about specific issues that interest them. In following Daily Report articles we will take a closer look at individual products and innovations as well as fundamental questions.

Visitors at linde womh 2016

Other workshops on key topics cover: IndividualisationAutomation and Connectivity.