With roughly 85 different models of industrial truck and 6,000 equipment options, Linde Material Handling’s standard range already offers an abundance of solutions to meet every customer’s conceivable needs. In the section on Individualisation, experts introduce the subject and present an incredibly diverse range of options. Visitors also discover that over half of Linde vehicles are equipped with highly specialised solutions. Linde achieves this by using a variety of partner products to configure the complete system precisely according to the customer’s wishes.

Let’s look at a few examples of retrofit solutions for existing vehicles: Have the legal requirements changed? Then equip vehicles with Orange Belt. Do you need improved control in traffic flows? Then implement Linde Speed Assist. Would you like to avoid damage and simultaneously improve availability? Then connect:ac, the retrofit kit for access control, is the perfect solution, ensuring not only that operators drive more carefully, but also that equipment and warehouse fittings are taken better care of.

Another highlight is also shown in the Individualisation section: the new Roadster boasts a significantly improved field of view as a result of the removal of A-pillars. As I learned, this is only possible because of the overhead tilt cylinder exclusively found on Linde forklifts. I was able to experience for myself the very tangible advantage of the new Roadster on the outdoor demonstration area. Simply get in and be amazed!

WOMH 2016 - Linde Roadster

The other key topics are: Automation, Connectivity and Power Systems.