When it comes to the four key topics of Automation, Individualisation, Power Systems and Connectivity, it is especially the latter that holds enormous potential when we consider an increasingly networked world in the near and distant future. One day in museums we will be able to look back nostalgically at the world of analogue machines without sensors or communication systems.

The future belongs to machines that are networked together and can communicate with humans and IT systems in real time through the cloud. This amounts to nothing less than a revolutionary transformation of the entire supply chain.

Linde is playing a leading role in this change with a variety of different solutions. Let’s take a look at the potential and the advantages that digitalisation and networking offer for everyday operations, which are being presented here at WoMH in a clear and understandable way: safety can be improved using an app, digital access control or driver assistance systems and you can realise more efficient maintenance cycles using connect: fleet management, Linde MyLife or the Service Manager app. There must be thousands of possible applications for the new indoor location system presented here by Linde Connected Solutions that can track the position of vehicles inside buildings with centimetre accuracy. Or there is Linde Safety Pilot, which is now also available for IC trucks, including diesel and gas forklifts.

I could have talked with the experts for hours. This subject offers exciting opportunities, which it is interesting to discover and understand. And I will continue to keep asking the specialists questions so I can write in detail about individual aspects of connectivity in this Daily Report. It is well worth visiting the Linde Connected Solutions website, where you can discover how the Linde connect: fleet management system works in practice at the headquarters of ceramics manufacturer Villeroy & Boch.

Visitors at linde womh 2016

The other key topics are: Automation, Individualisation and Power Systems.